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It opened to reveal another girl and another boy and of course, the boy was Caster, this boy and girl obviously they were the mortals.

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Both boys ended up joining Jason and his Argonauts on his quest for the Golden Fleece, a story that of course belongs to the Aries sign. Now despite the fact that one brother was divine and the other was Mortal the twins actually grew to be inseparable as they pretty much did everything together and because they were so close. They were actually called by one name this one name — Dioscuri and what actually ended up happening for the twins is that whilst on their expedition as part of the Argonauts, they became pretty famous for their ability to calm the rough seas.

So because of this act of great love and great affection Zeus arranging for the two brothers to be brought together once again. Zeus made a deal with them that allowed them to alternate their immortality, and so with that Zeus have set their images amongst the stars as the constellation of Gemini so they would never again be separated. When this happens life can become very better and it can become pretty unpleasant as well when they get into those moods.

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Star Tales – Gemini

See author's posts. M35 is just barely visible to the naked eye under a dark sky free from light pollution, and in low-power binoculars, this object looks like a cloud with bright stars in it, according to Space. Gemini is the radiant point for a meteor shower known as the Geminids , which happen every year around mid-December.

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Astronomy experts say the Geminid display is one of the best annual meteor showers because the individual meteors space rocks burning up in Earth's atmosphere are bright and move quickly. These meteors are especially visible in years when there is no full moon in the sky to wash out the starlight.

Gemini location and objects

The Geminids are associated with a weird near-Earth asteroid called Phaethon, which is shedding particles likely because of a collision in its ancient past. As Earth runs into these particles in its yearly orbit around the sun, some of the rock bits fall into our atmosphere and produce spectacular meteor trails. This article was updated on Feb.

The signs of the Greek Zodiac

Have a news tip, correction or comment? Jason, upon seeing the greatness of the two brothers, quickly asked them to join his group of Argonauts. Always interested in a new adventure, the two immediately agreed to join Jason on his sacred quest to find the Golden Fleece. Skinned from the back of the high and mighty golden and winged Ram, the Fleece gave immediate confidence and fierceness to all who wore it cloaked over them.

Zodiac Signs and the Greek Mythology - Mythological Curiosities - See U in History

It was gifted to a great king, as the story goes. On their long journey to find the Golden Fleece, however, their sister Helen was abducted by a prince of Troy. Well, that was one such reading of the story.

The Greek Mythology of Gemini

Other interpretations suggest that after falling deeply in love with the prince of Troy, Helen left Sparta with him. The King of Sparta was outraged and sought help from his many, many armies. These battles became known as the Trojan war.