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A leap year is one with days instead of Every four years, February has an extra day.

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Fue publicado el 28 de febrero de It was published on February 28, It was a magic December. October 24 is celebrated as United Nations Day. According to astrological beliefs, people born on Oct. October 25 is the th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Cada febrero, una marmota llamada Phil sale de su cueva.

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Each February, a groundhog named Phil comes out of his burrow. Fruits are now ripe, and man eats of the new food of the season. Hui-tanguru January—February. The crops are now harvested.

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All straw is now stacked at the borders of the plantations. Haratua April—May. Crops are now stored in pits. The tasks of man are finished. A month year? Share this page Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. Print the full story Print the full story. Previous Next: Page 2.

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Maia is the eldest of the 7 sisters that comprise the Pleiades. She is a nymph and the daughter of Atlas. Both Greeks and Romans saw Maia as a nurturing force, filled with warmth and plenty. She was the most important Goddess in Rome.

Juno is an energetic goddess with eternal youth. Her Greek name is Hera. She is said to protect the sovereignty of Rome and aid with fertility. This description is very limited at best.

Juno was a very complex character throughout Roman myths. She had numerous names, each of which gives us greater insight into her powers. Juno Sospita watched over pregnant women and children.

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Juno Lucina seemed connected to Sospita in that she insured safe births. Juno Moneta protects money, and there are at least another dozen epithets. From this description, June seems to be a month focused on children and planning a family. You might also consider magic aimed at symbolic fruitfulness such as abundant productiveness.

The 3rd quarter of the Wheel of the Year begins with July.

Names of months are masculine, not capitalized

A brilliant military strategist, Julius Caesar brought Rome from a republic to being an Empire. It seems that some elite in Rome were not pleased with his line, as many of his heirs went missing under very suspicious circumstances. Nonetheless his reign was one of relative peace.

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September comes from a word meaning seven, because it was originally the 7th month on the calendar. You can consider the Numerology of the number 7 seeking and thinking vibes or the number 9 wisdom and beginnings for underlying energetic patterns this month. The name October proves no more exciting than September. It means simply the 8th month. Libra and Scorpi o enjoy birthdays this month.