6 november astrology 2019

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All Football. Nika Shakhnazarova. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to. You can also be a shoulder to cry on. Also, whatever secrets they tell you are locked forever. You are a very loyal person. You would even champion a friend that everybody has turned against and go down for that person. You are also very reliable and patient.

Your persistence, reliability and patience are great things. The problem is, they can easily stray into stubbornness. So know that dividing line and you will be a much happier, successful and effective person. You are so loyal, patient, forgiving, loving and accepting that you can easily become an emotional doormat.

November 6 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality | ytosulyr.tk

You have to remember that while you have a lot of love to give, there are many people on this planet that do not deserve that love. Believe me, those people do exist.

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Do yourself a big favor and be more selective in who you choose to become close to. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because once you pick up on a few signals, you go all in.

November 6 Birthday Astrology

You tend to jump in with four feet and never look back. Believe me, this can be a recipe for emotional disaster. People born on this day tend to climb the corporate ladder fairly quickly. Corporate culture tends to reward loyalty. They can clearly see that you are a loyal, persistent and reliable person. Not surprisingly, when they find themselves promoted to a new spot in the organization, they look to you as an asset that needs to be part of their team.

A lot of people consider you lucky when it comes to money because you tend to attract the loyalty of very powerful and fast-rising people. Your downside, however, is your emotional relationships.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

You will gain a deeper and wider understanding of your place in the world. New Moon November will help you set goals to manifest your hopes and dreams for the future. Strong faith and morals means you need not sacrifice your owns needs or level of comfort. Your ego will benefit from a more spiritual outlook, enabling you to work hard on achieving success. Your path to success can also be helped by a strong self belief, intuition and sense of destiny. Relationships will benefit from this new moon because of more spiritual closeness and bonding. Sexual relationships should be more tender and loving.

If single you could meet a sensitive or more spiritual type of partner, and this may come from involvement in groups or clubs.

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Relationships will benefit from a shared vision of future happiness together. New Moon sextile Pluto will make you more determined and purposeful to reach your new moon goals. Although this is not a strong aspect because of the wide orb, it should deepen the compassionate and spiritual influence of Neptune. The combined influence of helpful Neptune and Pluto aspects makes this a good new moon for solving mysteries and exposing lies and secrets. It will help you share something you feel guilty or ashamed about.

Your loved ones will hopefully be more understanding and forgiving during this moon phase. Venus trine Mars increases your desire for social contact and enjoyment.

Love and Compatibility for November 6 Zodiac

It balances your soft loving nature with you raw sexual desire so you can be direct without coming on too strong. You will genuinely be interested in friendship not just for sex but for companionship as well. This is a very good omen for your love life. If dating it increases the odds of meeting your perfect partner. A growth spurt is possible now in the physical, material and spiritual worlds. Patience, moderation and research will help you choose the best of the opportunities coming your way.

Jupiter trine North Node is another good omen for relationships. It makes it more likely that any new person entering your life will be just right for you.

Fated events and destiny encounters will guide you in the right direction. Activation of the challenging fixed star Zubeneschamali may bring loss or disappointment. If so, helpful new moon aspects to Neptune and Pluto bring understanding and empathy from others. They give faith and optimism to recover and set new goals. In this case, the new moon aspects make it easier to forgive and to be forgiven.

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